Choosing a yoga mat

When you practice yoga, one of the most important things to consider is your yoga mat. You want to make sure the mat is the right one for your particular style of yoga and that it feels comfortable. Investing in a high-quality yoga mat is not only important for your yoga practice but can even keep you safer in the long run.

Because of the increasing popularity of yoga, there are many yoga mats available that are durable and are made from biodegradable material that isn’t toxic. 

By investing in a good, solid, yoga mat, made with non-toxic biodegradable materials, it can save you money in the long run, keep you safe and your body pure.

A yoga mat that has the right grip can help you switch positions more readily if you tend to sweat. For those who practice Bikram yoga or even Ashanga, where you tend to sweat more, the right grip can make practicing easier and help you maintain your balance without slipping.

A quality mat will also provide you with the right kind of cushioning. If you’ve been using a thin mat, it can be really hard to practice yoga that requires lunging or kneeling. It can also provide more cushion to help prevent you from getting injured as well as allow you to hold positions longer.

Plastic mats—while longer-lasting—will not provide you with enough cushioning and are cheaper for a reason. They are made with synthetic materials that aren’t necessary for yoga and there are many better quality mats available.

The older, plastic mats that used to be so popular are less favorable today because they’re not bio-degradable. But, be wary of any synthetic, plastic mat because half of the mats available today, at least the less expensive ones, are made with PVC. 

PVC mats can last longer but they come with a cost. They’re made with toxic materials. The last thing you want when you practice yoga is to have toxic chemicals all over your body. Further, these mats are not biodegradable and are impossible to recycle.

There are also rubber yoga mats available, natural and synthetic, that can be appealing to many yoga practitioners. Rubber mats offer a lot of grip and are very flexible. However, synthetic mats can wear down fairly easily and get damaged from heat.

Natural rubber is biodegradable and can be reused more readily. Synthetic rubbers, on the other hand, are not biodegradable and are harder to recycle. Therefore, if you decide to buy a rubber mat, make sure to buy the natural kind that is bio-degradable and better for your body. 

The best mats that are offered today are the eco-friendly brands. They are not only better for the environment, but better for your body.  Eco-friendly mats are all made from biodegradable materials that are not toxic for your body and much better for the environment.

Eco-friendly mats come in cotton, jute, cork and many other materials that are comfortable and can fit your yoga style.  Most of these mat types will provide you with the right grip that’s helpful for your balance in all types of yoga practices.

In fact, the sturdier eco-friendly mats are more helpful in yoga practices that require you to lunge, kneel or hold your position for any length of time. Most of the eco-friendly mats are thicker which can help prevent you from getting injured during more strenuous types of yoga.

There are so many durable, biodegradable mats available that you can easily find one that’s comfortable and feels right. Your yoga mat matters and it’s important to take the time to find the one that suits you best.

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