I have been teaching and practising yoga for over thirty years and been teaching for approximatley 15 years. I am a British Wheel of Yoga (BWYDip) teacher and a BWY Foundation Course Teacher. Over the years I have studied and practiced many styles of yoga including, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Acrobatic and Aerial yoga, with many renown, experienced and inspiring teachers e.g. Donna Farhi, Doug Keller, Julie Gudmestead, Shiva Rea, Jason Crandell, Natasha Rizopolous, Sally Kempton, John Scott, Brian Cooper, Gary Carter, Peter Blackaby, Paul Fox, Bill Wood, Beverley Nolan, Mark Freeth, Lisa Sanfilippo, Julie Friedeberger, Claire Missingham, John Claxton, Liz Lark, Vonnie Bloom, Hayley Winter, Tanja Mickwitch, Erica Montes, Bonnie Argo, Judith Hanson Lasater, Leslie Howard, plus many more incredible teachers. I am eternally grateful to those teachers for their wisdom and knowledge, I have learned something valuable from all of them which I bring to my own practice and into my teaching. I believe we never stop learning, I learn from my students and from my teaching, I continue my learning by regularly attending intensives and workshops in the UK and abroad and attend many local yoga events.

I recall my very first yoga class vividly and at that time I was working in a large Corporate organisation and I had a pretty stressful job and a neck problem, a result of a car accident some years ago. I can remember how wonderful my body felt after that class (at the time I did struggle with 'relaxation' as this was new to me but thank goodness I have now learned the art of relaxation and how important it is to relax our mind and body and our nervous systems. And now I love 'yoga nidra'. I am so thankful to that particular teacher, the class was Iyengar but at the time that didn't mean anything to me as I was very naive on the subject of 'yoga'. That teacher really inspired me and I have told her how grateful I am to her for that. That was the beginning of my journey into yoga. I stuck with yoga and then decided that I wanted to know and learn so much more that just the asanas (postures). Hungry for knowledge, I decided to study the 'BWY Foundation Course' (which I now teach myself). This course fired my passion for yoga and meditation even more and being a person always keen to expand my knowledge, learning and experience I wanted to spread this wonderful thing I had found e.g. yoga. I then embarked upon the three year BWY Teacher Training course and I hadn't quite prepared myself for the enormous amount of work and studying this would entail, my social life was non existent for three years but that course changed my life and I have never looked back. I, like many people have endured very stressful times and suffered with 'burn out' and 'chronic fatigue'. I now realise this was a massive wake up call and a deepening on my Spiritual path, and I can honestly say that yoga has been my saviour and has made me so much more resilient. Yoga truly is "A journey to the Self through the Self".

My career background is in training and development, coaching, mentoring and this has given me tremendous insight into how we, as individuals we all unique and we all learn and develop differently. Alongside teaching yoga I am also a Life and Personal Development Coach. Life coaching covers many topics from, building confidence, career change, wellbeing and achieving goals and in essence finding a healthy, happy balanced life and learning to thrive in a world that throws us so many challenges.  Working with individuals we explore the nature of unhealthy 'habits' and methods of understanding those patterns and how to create new healthy habits/patterns in order to bring about balance and equilibrium.

Through my own learning, experience and exploration, I have developed my own eclectic style of yoga which incorporates various styles of yoga, traditions, philosophies and movement. I completed 'Mindfulness Meditation' course in 2006 and I continue to practice mindfulness meditation on a daily basis both on and off of my mat. I teach yoga on a one to one basis where I have learned so much about anatomy and physiology, kinesthetics, somatics and movement. I am so grateful to my students and feel blessed to have such wonderful students, for they teach me so much.

I truly believe 'your health is your wealth' and that our own 'body' and 'mind' are our inner teachers. As a result of experiential learning, practice and self awareness I am continuously amazed and curious at the human body and it's capabilities. As a result of this, my own practice and teaching continues to evolve and develop and moves from strength to strength.

My enthusiasm for yoga and health and wellbeing is infectious and my yoga classes demonstrate that learning and exploration and yoga can be fun.

The classes I teach range from a very relaxed therapeutic (yin/restorative) style to a much more dynamic vinyasa flow style, I work and teach intuitively and authentically, sensing the needs of the group or individual and on an energetic level. I believe yoga should be inclusive and that yoga is for every body, my aim is to reach those people who feel they are not, for whatever reason able to practice yoga. I truly believe yoga is a wonderful tool for discovering your authentic self, honouring your body and exploring your inner child.

In 2020 I took a 'Yoga For Menopause' teacher training course as this is an area of health and a natural stage of a womans life that I find very interesting, having had my own health issues and challenges I am often saddened and apalled to hear so many women experiencing dreadful menopausal symptoms and not getting the care and support or information they need to help them through this stage of their lives. It's sad that in our culture menopause is often  seen as negative, and not talked openly about. Thank goodness things are beginning to change.  Hearing these stories from other women has led me to where I am today and I have always viewed yoga as a keystone to health, wellbeing and healing.  In 2019 having been called to develop my innate healing abilities I embarked upon a Reiki course and became a Reiki practitioner, I am so happy to be able to share this gift in helping others.

I also have a particular interest in trauma and how it's impacts on our body and this is another area I am currently exploring. I also enjoy teaching 'restorative' yoga and using yoga as therapy and a way to connect with our somatic body. I work on a one-to-one basis with many clients that have various musculoskeletal, physiological, mental and emotional challenges and those recovering from cancer and other chronic illnesses.

I teach yoga and meditation to adults and I mentor yoga teachers going through their training and newly qualified teachers.  Writing is another of my passions and in the past I have contributed to a number of well known' Health and Wellbeing' and 'Yoga' magazines and have been a guest on a number of podcasts. 

My life evolves around all things yogic and I devote a great deal of my time to teaching my students and spending time in my studio.  I was for  8 years a voluntary member  on the Norfolk (UK)  (BWY) British Wheel of Yoga, Norfolk Yoga Group, where I met many yoga students and teachers.  When I am not in the studio I am probably out walking and foraging in the wonderful Norfolk countryside, you may well find me in the kitchen as I love to cook and make herbal concoctions or I may be sitting quietly with my head in a book.  I am also a qualifed Nordic Walking Instructor where I organise walks around Norfolk. For information on nordic walking see www.nordicwalkingnorwich.co.uk

Even if you have never practiced yoga it is never too late to begin, all you need is an open, inquisitive mind and a sense of humour.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be".

- Lao Tzu

Love, Light & Blessings.



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