A huge Thank You to all of my clients and students.  I am extremely grateful to all those clients and students who have taken the time to write to me with their feedback. I am very keen to continuously improve my teaching and coaching and the service I provide.  All feedback are the words from my clients, I do not change in any way as I totally respect their time and kindness in writing the reviews.


Feedback and Recommendations from my Yoga Students and Coaching Clients


"I am currently going through the menopause and was feeling so out of sorts and felt helpless and had nobody to discuss how I was feeling. I went to the Yoga for Menopause workshop and it was so helpful, the sharing circle gave me an opportunity to discuss how I was feeling and my symptoms and everyone was so understanding. The yoga practice was brilliant and gave me lots of tips on how to use yoga, breathing and visualisation to manage my symptoms and moods. Bea was so lovely and empathetic, she made everyone feel so welcome and listened to. There is a knack to holding space and Bea does this beautifully. The studio and location is calming too. I am so grateful to have been amongst some truly beautiful and supportive women. I would definitely recommend attending one of these events". Diana (Norwich).

"I have been having private (online) yoga sessions with Bea since I caught Covid, thankfully I survived but it has left with many health issues and very bad fatigue. Bea has been an absolute rock and my sessions have been such a God send and have helped me hugely. Bea has a lovely gentle approach, a calming manner and voice. She is very understanding and can tune in to how I am feeling and she knows which poses will suit me as she is a very experienced teacher. The yoga has been very gentle as I have had no energy but learning to breathe and do the restful and restorative poses has been very beneficial to my health".  Adele (Norwich, Norfolk.

"Bea's studio is the most serene studio I have ever been to, it is easy to find and plenty of car parking, it was a pleasure to practice yoga in such a beautiful space overlooking the lovely gardens with lots of trees, the studio is lovely and warm and cosy, lots of light and lying on the heated floor was such a treat for my body. The mini workshop I went to was excellent, with 2 and a half hours of yoga it was a real joy to have such a long class and such a wonderful knowledgeable yoga teacher, I loved it. I can't wait for the next one."  - Beckie. Norwich.

"I have been going to the Friday monthly yoga nidra sessions at the yoga studio, I have found them to be very helpful in helping me sleep, I always get a few sound nights sleep following the sessions. The atmosphere is very calm and I liked the candles and fairy lights which add to the atmospherics and the lovely energy of the room. Barbara is very friendly and welcoming and makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome, we use different yoga equipment like bolsters and eye pillows and blocks to help us to concentrate on our breath and relax us.  Barbara's voice is very calm as is she and she talks you through a deep relaxation. The room is warm and the underfloor heating feels very comforting on my body and particularly my lower back which can give me problems.  I would recommend this class to everyone especially if you suffer with sleeping and relaxing." - Jane, from Poringland.

"I have been having private yoga, meditation and life coaching appointments with Bea since January this year (2017) and I am finding all of it so helpful in my personal life and my work life. I love going to the retreat studio because it really does make me feel I am on a retreat even if only for an hour or two.  The yoga studio is so peaceful and has a such a calming atmosphere and looking out onto the garden and seeing trees and wildlife is quite different to my back garden. I forget my daily life and my personal issues as I feel so relaxed.  I am so glad I took up yoga again, I had not realised just how much I missed it and just how beneficial it is to me. I feel my whole health and wellbeing has improved 100% since Bea has been my teacher. I am having some coaching as well as I have had a lot of problems and trauma in my life and I found counselling did not help but coaching really has helped me focus on the present and the future and not to dwell on the past.  For the first time in years I feel so positive and I am looking forward to my future, having suffered with years of depression, eating disorders, low self esteem and poor body image I feel I still have a way to go but I am definitely moving up the rungs on the ladder. Life had got in my way and I found every excuse not to do things and as a result my physical, mental and emotional health has suffered, my family has suffered too because of my health problems and the trauma and self loathing  and all of the issues I have had but now my family are noticing the difference and they comment on how much happier, positive and healthier I am and look and as a result they are much happier also.  I now have my own little toolbox that I can draw upon when the going gets tough and rather than want to hide from the world I will take on the world.  Onwards and upwards and it is with so much gratitude to Bea for her patience, empathy, professionalism, honesty, support and guidance, she is such a brilliant teacher and life coach, I could not recommend her highly enough and I still don't know how she did it but she has changed my life and my thinking. I still have the odd 'off' day but it doesn't last all day or weeks as it used to as I now have positive affirmations and other little methods of helping me get through the tough times, all thanks to Bea."   - Karen E Woodruff from Harleston

"Just driving into the Bhuti yoga studio at Nether Langleys, you feel relaxed as it is such a peaceful and quite setting and easy to locate. The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the studio was the warm floor which felt good on my barefeet. The studio has a nice vibe, calm and peaceful just like the setting. It is spacious and there is lots of yoga equipment, I like the wood burning stove.  I had a private appointment and had never been to Barbara before, I was made to feel very welcome, relaxed and supported. I was returning to yoga after a long break and after an intitial consultation Barbara put a very specific progamme together for me, which was written and I was able to take home with me to practice at home, this was very helpful. I loved the session and it felt so good to get back to yoga, Barbara helped me with alignment and observed me in the poses, giving constructive feedback and hands on assistance when necessary. I felt completely safe and supported and knew I was in safe and very experienced hands. I left the session feeling so good and have continued to use my personal lesson plan at home. I am looking forward to my next yoga lesson.  -  Bev Francis, Suffolk.

“I have recently started private one to one sessions at Barbara’s home studio, it is a beautiful peaceful space and has great energy. I am a female aged 32, I am healthy and have no physical problems. I used to do lots of fitness classes but since having children my priorities have changed and so has my body, my outlook on life has changed also and I decided that I did not want to do all that hardcore fitness that I used to do and I wanted to do something and I gravitated toward yoga. Barbara was recommended to me and just love the sessions, I am surprised at just how flexible I am. I am learning how to breathe properly, relax and meditate and how to use mindfulness in every day life. I am finding the whole experience uplifting and Barbara is a lovely person, very warm and approachable with so much experience. I can’t wait for my next session J.”  - Judy – Taverham.

"Barbara was recommended to me by a friend. I am so happy that I found Barbara and yoga and meditation. I had been through a big ordeal and personal trauma, as a result I was a complete mess, I had lost my confidence and self esteem was rock bottom. I was suffering with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I had been off of work sick for months, at times I was close to suicide. That’s how bad I was. My GP wasn't very helpful or understanding and trying to get help was nigh impossible. I didn't really want to take pills but I was in such a bad way that I just didn't care. I needed to do something but didn't know what so when a friend recommended yoga and Barbara I was dubious but was also desperate. Once I had plucked up the energy and courage to call Barbara I started 1-1 yoga with her, she taught me how to meditate and use mindfulness in every day life, I learned yoga poses and how to use my breath and yoga as a therapy, I learned to not numb the pain but be with the pain and trauma, it was difficult but I felt so safe with Barbara and trusted her completely. After the first session I felt a huge relief and a heavy weight had been lifted and I just burst into tears. Barbara was there supportive and with tissues, she was so understanding and caring, kind and empathetic. After 4 few weeks of seeing Barbara I began to feel different, Barbara not only taught me yoga but she also coached me and used NLP and positive affirmations and guided me through some lovely meditations and deep relaxations which I found incredible for restoring and helping me sleep. Over the months I began to feel so much better, my friends and family noticed a remarkable improvement. I stopped taking the medicine my GP had prescribed and even my GP was amazed at my renewed energy and positivity. I was able to go back to work and as my confidence had grown I went for an interview and got a new job which made me even happier. Barbara and yoga and meditation helped me from being suicidal to being a confident person, strong in mind and body and I now feel like the old me only maybe that should be a ‘new’ me. I continue to see Barbara on a monthly basis and I just can’t thank her enough. Barbara also gave me various handouts of what we had done so I could pratice at home. Barbara never once judged me, right from the start she was understanding, caring, compassionate and so kind but professional all at the same time. I would definitely recommend Barbara – she was my angel, she saved me. I dread to think what my life might be like if I had not found her and I am so grateful that I did because I don’t think I would be here today if I had not."  - Amy S. Norwich.

“I am a professional sportsman, I have been seeing Barbara for yoga sessions for 15 weeks and I have been including the poses, stretching, breathing and mindfulness she teaches me into my training. I can honestly say that I have so few injuries and feel so much more flexible than I ever have. Yoga is a discipline and being a professional sportsman I am used to discipline so I have not found it difficult to include the poses and stretches every day. I wish I had discovered yoga and Barbara years ago and not been so short sighted and thought that yoga was something men did not do and as something that elderly people did, I am ashamed to say that is what I thought but I now know that was very stupid of me and more and more men are getting into yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga I would say go for it and give Barbara’s classes a go or better still have one to one sessions with her. She is a true professional and will help you improve your breathing, posture, strength, flexibility and your mind.”   – James McD.... London

“I live and work in London part of the week and also live part of the week in Norfolk. I go to some incredible teachers in London so when I knew I was going to be spending more time in Norfolk I was sceptical about finding a teacher that I thought would be as good as the yoga teachers in London. I tried various yoga teachers, classes and studios in Norwich and Norfolk, I enjoyed some of the classes but just did not feel that connection with the teachers and then I was searching for websites and found I read about Barbara and the testimonials and my intuition said this is the teacher for me. I contacted Barbara and I was greeted with a truly warm friendly but professional voice, we had a long conversation (I can talk a lot). I decided to book some private appointments with her particularly as Barbara’s fees are very reasonable in comparison with London teachers. My practice was pretty good and strong but Barbara helped me to refine my practice and did hands on adjustments which I find so helpful and I have learned to use proper alignment and Barbara challenges me on the days that I want to be challenged and on the days I feel less energetic we work in a more yin or therapeutic way. Barbara is very intuitive (I think she can read my mind J) because even before I arrive to my appointment she seems to know instinctively how I am feeling. I love Barbara and I am so glad I have a found a teacher that far reaches my expectations. She is a very warm, intuitive, supportive and inspiring lady, she inspires me with her teaching, knowledge and wisdom. I can’t recommend enough. My practice has gone from strength to strength and even my London teachers have commented on my improvements.” - Sofia Richmond-Voight, London/Norwich

“I had a reoccurrence of cancer, which was devastating. I had to have lots of surgery and was not able to do as much exercise as I was used to. I have always been active and used to run a lot and go to the gym. So it was like a slap in the face discovering the cancer had returned. But I wasn’t going to be defeated. I couldn’t do my normal fitness classes or run but I needed to do something. A friend who had also had breast cancer suggested yoga and going to Barbara. I had never tried yoga but I thought as my friend Georgie had sung Barbara’s praises I thought why not, what do I have to lose. I can honestly say that is was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Somehow it put into perspective many things, one of those was that I don’t always have to be putting my body through hell to achieve results. We did lots of restorative yoga, meditation, breathing, healing practices, affirmations, relaxation and mindfulness meditations. As a result of my yoga sessions with Babs, I felt like I had been reborn, I realise that doing something gentle and healing can actually heal and I don’t have to push my body to achieve results. I saw Babs all the way through my treatment and some weeks I felt so awful I didn’t want to leave my home so Barbara came to me, those weeks we just did breathing , meditation and relaxation. Eleven months on and all is well and I have had much time to reflect, yoga has made me so much more aware of my body and my mind and to be non-competitive. I thought I would be itching to get back to the gym and running and I did try it but I realised that fitness and running did not give me the same ‘buzz’ that I got with yoga and I think that all the fitness stuff was actually harming me and putting my body under too much stress. So I now only practice yoga and I am fit, flexible and stronger than I ever was using the gym and I am able to control my thoughts and mind and I have become so much more resilient. I still see Barbara for private appointments and go to the bi monthly yoga nidra classes. Yoga with Barbara is just the best thing, better than any medicine. Barbara is a wonderful person, who naturally understands your problems. She is a very experienced teacher, has so much wisdom and compassion and being experienced at working with people with lots of different illness she just makes you feel safe, nurtured and supported. She is, I felt a person that genuinely cares for others.”  – Anna MacNalley

"I love Barbara's classes, I have been to various classes and studios in Norwich but never quite felt happy, I felt that people were often competitive and the teachers were a bit too full of themselves but then I discovered B's Thursday class, Hot Vinyasa Flow at the Bikram studio in Norwich and I love it. B always challenges the class but gives options and modifications so everybody in class feels included. I love the strong challenging postures and I feel so energised and invigorated after class I could take on anything. B is a fantastic and inspiring teacher and person, the best I have found."  Thank you gorgeous B xx - Emily ."

"I go to Barbara's classes at my local gym and she is my favourite teacher, I love her classes (just wish she did more classes at the gym). She challenges us but gives modifications, she corrects us on our alignment and constantly reminds us of how to practice yoga safely. I love the fact that she explains that yoga is not about the perfect posture but working with our own body to find the posture and make it our own. She is very patient and brings humour into the class and teaches us not to take ourselves too seriously. She brings gratitude into her teaching a lot and reminds us that yoga is not just about being on our mat but taking what we learn in yoga into our everyday lives."  - Jane, Norwich.

“I have been going to B’s classes for years and all I can say is I LOVE them, B is an amazing and gifted teacher, she explains things really well and is very strict on alignment but that’s because she cares about us and does not want us to injure ourselves. I have been to other classes but they are not a patch on B’s classes, they are as excellent. She tells us not to take ourselves to seriously and we laugh at ourselves when we are practicing the poses especially balances and the poses we all dread. I love everything about the classes and the yoga philosophy is really interesting. I have learned loads from B. When I leave the class I always leave with a big smile on my face, even when I have had a terrible day at work. Yoga makes me happy and the class is friendly and like a little family. Since going to her classes I have noticed that I have lost some weight, my abs have toned up, and I have toned up all over, become much stronger and my posture has improved, other people have noticed and commented. My confidence has grown and it just makes me feel confident and fabulous. I am much more patient too and I have more empathy with colleagues at work, I sleep much better too. I practice yoga at home but really look forward to my weekly class with B. Thank you gorgeous B xx."   - Emily

- Emily

“I have been attending Barbara’s classes when I can, I travel a lot with my job so I can’t always make it to class. I really miss the classes when I can’t attend. I go to other teachers wherever I am working but they are just not quite the same as yoga with Barbara so often I practice what Barbara has taught me in my hotel room. Thankfully she offers very flexible pricing so I can pay as drop-in. Some weeks when I am home her classes are busy but she always manages to squeeze me in. I am very grateful to her for this. It is hard to put my finger on the reason I love Barbara’s classes in comparison with others but all teachers are different and Barbara has something very special. Thank you Barbara for being so accommodating, understanding and caring and inspiring me to keep up my yoga practice. My health and wellbeing and mental health are so much better since attending your class. Thanks Barbara. You rock J.” - Ashley – Norwich and wherever my work takes me.

"I came to Barbara with a lower back problem and pain and I saw her for a 1-1 appointment, I had never tried yoga but done lots of other sports. I saw Barbara weekly for 8 weeks and even within the first month I notice a huge difference - my back pain became less painful and as I did the postures at home that Barbara had given me I was able to manage my back pain. I see Barbara now once a month so she keeps me on track and makes sure I am doing the postures properly and I am now ready to join a class with Barbara. I have found yoga, the relaxation and learning to breathe properly has been immensely helpful and Barbara is such a lovely warm person with lots of patience and understanding. My posture has improved as has my core strength and my 'bad habits' have gone and been replaced with good habits I have been taught and my back pain has gone and I feel happier, stronger and more confident in myself. Thank you Barbara x" - Nancy.

"Alex and I have been doing Yoga with you for just over 12 months now and it is no exaggeration to say that it has been life changing for us ... and for the better ! We have noticed in particular how our flexibility is hugely improved and our over all wellness and vitality is markedly better. We have both done lots of sport in our lives and continue to be active but Yoga has been a revelation by helping to improve our core strength and reduce aches in our joints, in particular in my lower back and shoulders. It has also inspired us to change our diet and be more conscious of how we fuel our minds and bodies. We wish we had discovered Yoga years ago ! Thank you "  - Mark F

"I love, love, love Bea’s classes, she is such a lovely caring person and although the classes are serious we still have fun and giggle sometimes especially when we can't do the postures well but we are not made to feel silly or intimidated. Her workshops are brilliant too and we cover all different topics of yoga and we have a lovely lunch and all get to know one another after the workshop and as a result I have made lots of new friends and I always feel very welcomed".  - Ali

"I go to the monthly yoganidra/relaxation class and as I am not physically able to do a lot of yoga postures because of a health problem I can do the yoga nidra and I find it is the best thing I have tried to help me relax which I find difficult. The class is total bliss and I sleep like a baby after the relaxation. I have now started going to the chair yoga that Barbara runs and this is brilliant too as I always thought I would never be able to do yoga but chair yoga is gentle and anyone can do this. Barbara is a wonderful teacher, very compassionate and understanding and the class is friendly and you soon feel part of the group. We go for a cup of tea after class so we all support one another in the group. I am beginning to notice I am getting more strength and flexibility and joints and my balance are improving and I am very pleased as I am now able to do more in my everyday life. Thank you Barbara." - Ann

"Over the years, I have pursued various styles of yoga, always searching for a sense of completeness, yet never really finding it - until I joined Barbara's classes.Barbara's sessions leave me feeling totally balanced, both physically & mentally. My circulation has greatly improved and the irritating restless leg twitches that have disturbed my sleep for years  have virtually vanished. Now, when I wake up in the mornings, I feel rested, motivated, and ready to start the day.For those looking to achieve an immediate sense of well being, I would strongly recommend joining Barbara - her unique style and tuition is tailored to suit everyone." - Lynne M, Norwich

"I went to the 'Yoga for Runners' workshop and Yoga has definitely made me a much better runner. I hadn't realised how much running is one-dimensional (all forward), so yoga has taught me to use my whole body throughout it's entire range of movement".-  Mikey, Norwich

"Since learning the tools and techniques of simple a yoga practice I have not had any injuries, the sciatica has gone and my body just feels more alive, I don't get stiff muscles and my posture is so much better".  - Louisa, Swaffham

I attended the Yoga for Runners workshop and learning yoga postures and stretches has helped me enormously and learning to be 'mindful' has helped my physical and mental performance and my (PB) 'personal best' time has improved significantly. I can feel the difference in my body if I don't make time for the yoga stretches?".  - Andy, Fakenham

“Learning and discovering the art of Yoga with Barbara is an absolute joy!  Barbara has such a patient and non judgemental way of teaching which is relaxful yet (gently) challenging and maximises each move of the body to one’s own ability.  I am already feeling and enjoying many benefits from working with Barbara and I look forward to each and every session with her!”  -   Linda & Michael (Creative Chiropractic, Holt, Norfolk)

I was fortunate enough to attend the Yoga class given by Barbara Ives as part of the Trust's staff health and wellbeing programme.  I would like it to be noted that Barbara provided an excellent class - allowing staff such as myself to take an important break from work and concentrate on wellbeing and fitness for an hour.  I found this class extremely worthwhile and enjoyable".     - Susan T, (Norfolk & Waveney Mental Health Trust, Norfolk)

''I have really enjoyed attending Barbara's weekly yoga classes in Hellesdon. Barbara is a professional and committed yoga teacher, who delivers consistently high quality and enjoyable yoga classes. Barbara's enthusiasm for yoga has inspired me to deepen my own practice, which has served to boost my overall health and well being. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of Barbara's yoga students.''- Joybelle D'Lima, Norfolk

"I have been going to Barbara's yoga classes for a number of years and I just love Barbara's style of teaching, she is very approachable, humble and empathetic and creates a lovely welcoming atmosphere and her class is very friendly. Barbara's classes are never boring and always different and can be challenging, she brings new ideas and I like that Barbara includes pilates abdominal work into her teaching and I have really benefited from this because my back problem has gone completely, I no longer have to take pain killers and I feel so much stronger and my posture has improved hugely. I have been to other teachers, but Barbara's is the best. Since practising yoga regularly I have noticed a massive difference in my body and mind, my posture is so much better, my flexibility is 100% better than it was , I have lost weight without dieting or trying, my nagging back pain has gone and I no longer feel stressed even though my jobs is still as stressful as it always was. My friends and family have noticed and commented on how much I have changed emotionally and physically. I can't imagine my life with Barbara or yoga and I would just say that if you haven't tried yoga and Barbara's class - you should.  - Sue,Taverham, Norfolk

"Having left Norfolk to live in Australia, I still haven't found a yoga teacher with the wonderful qualities and teaching that Babs has and offers to her students"-  Jessie Mountfield

"Since learning the tools and techniques of simple a yoga practice I have not had any injuries, the sciatica has gone and my body just feels more alive, I don't get stiff muscles and my posture is so much better".  - Pete in Dereham

"We don't  have any good yoga teachers where I live so when I heard Babs had moved to a village near me I was so pleased. I have been having one to one instruction and it is the best instruction I have ever had. I practised yoga some years ago and then had a break while my children were young and growing up. I tried other things but nothing compared to yoga and I am so happy to be back to a regular daily yoga practice.  Babs is a wonderful teacher and I go away each time with a lesson plan of what we have covered so I can practice at home and a feeling of wellbeing and euphoria.  Babs is very observant and guides you through the poses and sequences. I was a little stuck on a home practice and she has really helped me with this.  The studio is the most peaceful and serene place I have ever been too. I have been to classes in Norwich and Suffolk but travelling miles and the cost of parking adds to the cost of the class and there always seems to be so much noise and distractions. But at Babs studio it is such a relaxed and quiet environment it really is pure bliss.  I would highly recommend Babs, the studio and I am looking forward to joining the classes in Sept."   - Joy from Hempnall.

Yoga Therapy  -  "My name is Rosie and when I first met Barbara I was recovering from cancer. When I found out I had cancer I was devastated, infact words cannot describe how I felt. It was quite by chance I got chatting with Barbara at a health and wellbeing day. I don't normally talk to strangers about my illness or my emotions but I found myself opening up to Barbara as she was so lovely, caring, had lots of empathy and understood how I felt, she listened to me and she genuinely cared about my feelings and saw my distress. I had never practiced yoga or meditation or knew yoga could be used as 'therapy'. I was having counselling to help me cope but having met Barbara, I decided to go and see Barbara for a one on one appointment, I wasn't sure what to expect but as I was feeling very ill and depressed. Barbara was caring, intuitive and nurturing, she gave me very gentle postures to practice with lots of bolsters and other equipment so there was no effort, (my body could not cope with effort), she taught me how to breath properly and this settled my busy and worried mind, she taught me how to meditate and I was so amazed at the results - even after the first appointment I felt so different. I have continued with the one on one's and over the months I have become so much stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, I feel rescued and have a new faith 'yoga'. I put much of my new found strength down to yoga and to Barbara. Yoga and the mindfulness meditation has taught me so much about myself, my body and my mind, I meditate everyday and I feel for the first time in my life I know who I am. Through yoga I have changed my life and my outlook on life, I feel healthy and I look fit and healthy (in fact someone recently commented that I shone with vitality and health), if only they knew how I had looked 15 months ago. This is all down to the guidance of Barbara. I believe Barbara was an angel sent to save me, she was there just when I needed her (and has been ever since) Barbara laughs when I tell her that but I do believe it to be true. I thank Barbara from the bottom my heart for her patience and nurturing and teaching me so much. I am thrilled to say the cancer has gone and I am never letting it come back." Rosie, Norfolk

Body Ball Rolling Therapy - "Wow, I had no idea what body rolling was until I tried it, it is amazing, who would think that you could get such a deep tissues massage with a ball of that size. Barbara was an excellent teacher, very supportive and approachable, she explained and demonstrated how to perform the routines safely. Barbara is pretty hot on anatomy and explains which muscles are being massaged. I suffered from piriformis syndrome and sciatica and I had tried just about every therapy going. The ball is by far the best thing, all of the pain, tension and soreness has gone. I had five private sessions with Barbara and then bought a ball so that I could continue the routines at home. I now use the ball at home at least four times a week to maintain my fitness and keep the piriformis problem and sciatica at bay. My body has never felt so good and people comment on how much thinner and leaner I look, I think it is because I feel so much better and my posture has certainly improved".   -  Beth W, Costessey, Norfolk

"I am writing to you to let you know just how important the therapeutic yoga class with Barbara is to me. I live alone and am mainly housebound due to the severity of my condition. This means I spend the majority of my time alone and can feel isolated and low especially as I live on a very low income and can't make many choices. The lack of money also means I can't afford other classes. Another set of barriers to taking part in exercise are the degree of tiredness, pain and dizziness that are part of my M.E. When I have tried other yoga groups they have found my inability to keep up and my need for rests and adaptations quite disruptive. This has been quite embarrassing to say the least. Since my condition really impacted in my daily living I have been unable to do any exercise and the tasks of keeping house take up most of my time and energy.  With Barbara's class I am able to stretch and strengthen my body with gentleness and care. It is a very friendly and accessible group, Completely nonjudgmental. Barbara offers adapted exercises whenever anyone needs them or allows participants to rest or sit out whenever necessary, then re-includes participants without disruption and with warmth and humour. I can't really express how much it means to me to be able to take part in Barbara's class. It gives me hope that with continuing participation I will be able to complete every exercise in each class and eventually build up to adding more and possibly different exercise. At the moment being able to be part of this class ensues I do not become weaker and even more housebound. Please, please, please Active Norfolk keep this class going."– Sarah, Norwich.   Feedback from Chair Yoga class

"I have been going the chair yoga classes and as I live with a number of health issues and illnesses and chronic pain I struggle with any kind of exercise and never thought I would be able to do yoga. When I first started the classes I could not lift my arms very high but within a matter of weeks the movement and my range of movement increased. I am now able to move much better and my daily pain has improved and I seem to be able to manage it more. I think that is down to the breathing exercises and the meditation and positive thinking that the class includes. We are not seated the whole time, we move away from the chair and use the wall and hand rail for some support when we do the standing poses. But there is no getting up and down from the floor which I have difficulty with so I am grateful for that.  Thank you Barbara for giving me back mobility, my insanity and peace of mind." –Ann.  Feedback from Chair yoga class

"Hi Bea, thank you for your wonderful restorative workshop on Saturday.  I did come away feeling nurtured and nourished with renewed enthusiasm for regular yoga.  Your calming voice and encouragement is always very rewarding and feels very natural.  Not all yoga teachers give the positive encouragement throughout the class."

"I love going to Bea's classes and workshops, just pulling into the drive I can feel tension in my shoulders release. Bea creates such a lovely friendly and relaxed atmosphere and I feel like a part of a happy family as the people are so nice and kind. Definitely the best classes I have been to and the most experienced teacher."


“For my 40th Birthday I decided I wanted to do something different, I live and work in the City (London) and as a professional I have a busy and often stressful position running my own business. I had decided I would hire a large barn for myself my partner and twelve of my friends and I chose Norfolk as I had visited previously and needed a peaceful weekend in the Countryside. I came across the yoagnorfolk website and I loved what Barbara offered and could tell just from her website she would be the perfect teacher. I hired Barbara for a whole day of yoga and it was a fabulous idea and I am so glad I did this. It was such a lovely day and my friends genuinely enjoyed it too, some had not tried yoga but they gave it a try and some have continued to go to regular yoga classes.

We did lots of yoga practice, had lots of fun with acrobatic yoga, had a lovely healthy lunch and a walk after lunch and Barbara taught us some basic ‘raw food’ recipes. We then did more yoga which was ‘yin’ based, we did some meditation and mindfulness practices and even did some chanting where we cried with laughter at one point we then did a very long relaxation in which most of the men fell asleep. We then followed through with afternoon tea and a discussion on yoga, mindfulness, meditation and life in general. Barbara was with us the whole day, she led a beautiful mini yoga retreat, she made it such fun, enjoyable and everyone felt included, comfortable and we learned lots from her about yoga and raw food. Barbara was so organised, attentive and intuitive to our needs and she has excellent communication skills. Some of my friends were not sure about yoga as they are so inflexible but once Barbara convinced them to try it, they joined in and were surprised by what they could do and how physically challenging yoga can be and Barbara made it fun and creative, everyone loved it. Barbara has a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and experience she brings to her teaching and she is so warm and friendly and has a beautiful aura you can’t help but gravitate towards her.

We all slept so well that night and felt very refreshed despite the champagne we had drunk on Saturday evening in celebration of my Birthday and by the end of the evening we were all pretty zonked and ready for our beds. We were all alert on Sunday morning and we even had a little fun amongst ourselves practising some of the poses Barbara had taught us. I would honestly recommend Barbara as a yoga teacher and for a mini yoga retreat it was worth every penny and I can honestly say we felt as though we had been on a week retreat, the weekend was just what we needed and we have some fantastic memories of my 40th Birthday celebration and our time in Norfolk. A massive thank you to Barbara.” -  Sasha Wadzinski (London) (May 2017)

I wanted to say how much I love the mini retreats. It is such a gorgeous venue, I want to live there 🙂 Doing yoga and listening to the birds singing and looking out on the garden is so calming and relaxing.  Bea is a fabulous experienced teacher and I always feel so welcome and its always a lovely group of women.  The 3 hours just go way too quickly. It's nice to sit and eat a healthy lunch and chat with the group after the retreat and not having to rush off. It sets me up for the weekend, I float home feeling relaxed and refreshed. I would certainly recommend these retreats. Emily (Beccles) 2022

Bea came to the house we had hired for a private retreat for my friends Hen party. There were 12 of us and some had not done yoga before and some were experienced. Bea was brilliant as she made sure everyone felt included and was able to do all of the yoga poses in a safe way.  She made the session fun too and the relaxation at the end was perfect, we were all well rested and zenned out but also energised and ready for the rest of the weekend celebrations. I would recommend Bea, she is warm, intuitive and very experienced and such a lovely person. Thank you Bea xx  - Greta & Co (Southampton). 2022

“My friends booked Bea for a half day yoga retreat for my second hen party, some of us hadn’t done yoga and were not sure what to expect. I am not very bendy but it didn’t matter because I still got loads from the morning. It was fun and energetic and very physically challenging, I felt like I had had a really good workout and it was better than going to the gym. We did lots of different poses and we did some acro yoga that was hilarious and such good fun and we finished with meditation which I found very hard to do but Barbara made it seem so easy and I loved the long relaxation at the end. We all felt refreshed and had a nap after the session. Bea was good fun and a very good teacher, I wish I had a teacher like her where I lived. I had tried yoga a few years ago at the fitness centre I go to but didn’t enjoy it but Bea has changed my mind and I am going to look for a good yoga class back home. I would recommend Bea she is so friendly and will make you feel at ease, she guides you through the poses safely so even if you have never tried it I would say give it a go and if you live in Norfolk go to Bea, you won’t regret it. I wanted to bring her home with me :0" - Lexi Norwood (June 2017) 

"Barbara came to my house for a day yoga retreat, it was my 50th Birthday and as I was recovering from a number of life changing events I didn't want to travel or have a big celebration. I attended a weekend yoga retreat with Barbara in 2016 and absolutely loved it. I knew that I needed something that would nourish and de-stress me. I did consider many options but as I had enjoyed the yoga retreat so much I contacted Barbara on the off chance and was delighted when she said she could offer myself and four of my friends a mini retreat. We all chipped in to cover the cost which was a great way of sharing the fee for the day. We all brought a dish for lunch and Barbara very kindly also brought some lovely vegan, gluten free dishes which she had taken the time to make.  We did some wonderful yoga postures, gentle stretching and lots of breathing, chanting and meditation, lunch was lovely with lots of interesting conversation and discussions. After lunch we did restorative poses and some partner work followed by a very long relaxation with Barbara coming around to adjust us and make sure we were comfortable and she gave us a neck and shoulder massage during the relaxation with some lovely oils. I felt very tearful at the end of the day but that was because I felt a huge release and my body had released lots of tension that I had not been aware I was grasping on to.  I knew I had made the right decision choosing a mini retreat and all of my girlfriends said they felt incredibly relaxed and peaceful as did I. It was a perfect day and I was able to go to bed in my own bed and had a most restful nights sleep. I woke the next morning and I felt like a different person, my body felt light and my mind felt free (if that doesn't sound too new agey) and every one looked radiant and rested. I would highly recommend and if you have any doubt please don't because you will be in the very best of hands. Barbara is very perceptive, empathetic and attuned to what you need, she is articulate and gives clear and concise instructions, she has a very melodic voice which is very calming, she is also a very calm person herself and very patient and caring. You can tell she loves what she does as she seems to shine and has a very positive energy field. I  have the deepest and heart felt thanks to Barbara for showing me the light." -  Rosie & Co - Suffolk

“Dearest Bea, Thank you for the most wonderful yoga retreat last weekend at West Lex I can't stop talking about it's positive healing impact. All women should do it and all men should encourage their women to do it. Both will benefit! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself in my 43 years”.  From  Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016, Norfolk

“This has been the most wonderful life affirming experience and I will be signing up for another as soon as possible. Thank you for rescuing my sanity and sense of self!” From Weekend Retreat, April 2016

“I have wanted to experience a yoga retreat for a few years and I am so pleased to have done it it has been wonderful and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. Time out to feel peaceful and reflect. Thank you Barbara for your concise instructions and encouragement great venue love the heated floors.” From Weekend Retreat, April 2016

“Thank you for a beautiful relaxing time. The first time coming on a yoga retreat  and it was everything I thought it would be and so much more. A time for reflection some time out from your busy life very healing. Thank you.” From Weekend Retreat, April 2016

“First time on a yoga retreat and it won't be my last. As it was such a relaxing restorative and positive experience. Thank you so much. The yoga was inspiring and just the right balance for me challenging and easier postures to suit everyone and all at a good pace. Please do this again Bea.” From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016

“I've had such a lovely time on my first retreat it's been relaxing restorative and good fun I would definitely like to do this again and hope that I can take some of this wonderful peacefulness home with me.” From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016 (Norfolk)

“Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat you are such a caring and intuitive teacher I appreciated the alternative postures to suit my specific requirements. Can't wait for the next one.”  From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016, Norfolk

“Dear Barbara I can't believe how different I feel packing to go home compare to packing to come. It's been a wonderful experience on so many levels I have so enjoyed meeting you and sharing your practice and have learnt so much from you. Thank you for choosing such a lovely venue also. Another one soon please!”  From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016, Norfolk

“Dear Babs a fantastic weekend great venue wonderful yoga and super company with like-minded people and now sad that it is coming to an end. I hope you decide to do another very soon.” From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016, Norfolk

“Dear Bea, this weekend has been an extraordinary one life changing in so many ways I can't thank you enough for making me feel whole again. You have inspired me to continue regular yoga practice and meditation. You are inspiring caring and a true professional person. I have loved the yoga sessions, gong bath, people and it has been fun, food was lovely and healthy and the venue was perfect. I can't speak highly enough, it was all so amazing. I feel truly rested and restored thank you so much. I am definitely booking on the next retreat you run. See you next time. X “  From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016, Norfolk

"The sun is really shining here today and i have just really enjoyed teaching my morning class....i raved about the weekend to all my receptive ladies and now hope they won’t be eloping to a yoga class instead".   - Anna, From Weekend Yoga Retreat, April 2016, Norfolk


"I have been having coaching sessions with Barbara during the pandemic as I made a conscious decisions things in my current life were not healthy and I had little work life balance. I started the sessions online and when we could meet up Barbara gave me the option to 'walk and talk' and I found this very therapeutic. Barbara has a wonderful garden and green space and we able to walk around her garden and later for the sessions we met at other locations to walk and talk. I found the freedom of being outside and in nature was very helpful in terms of my thinking and problem solving. In the past 12 months I have made some major changes to my life and one was moving away from a City to the countryside amongst many other changes. I have found my sessions with Barbara enormously helpful and she is a very intuitive and wise Coach. I cannot thank her enough for helping me change my life and I highly recommend Barbara if you are serious about making changes to your life. " - Sophie (Was London and now Norfolk)

I have been coached by Barbara for 5 months and already the coaching has had a massive impact on my work and personal life and my decisions I make. I needed someone to help me through a crisis in my life and Barbara has been such a big help. I am now in control of my life again and in a much happier place than I have been my entire life.  If you are unsure of coaching I would say give it a go. Barbara is an excellent coach and has a real interest in people and genuinely wants to help, she is a great support and you never feel alone as she is there to encourage you in a positive way. Bethany (London) Aug, 2021

"OMG Bea has been the most amazing and insightful Coach. I thank my lucky stars that I found her and could not have wished for a better person to kick my ass into gear. She has literally changed my life beyond words."  - Zoe (Suffolk).

"I have had so far 8 sessions of coaching with Barbara, I can't believe how empowering the sessions have been, I finally feel in control of my life and my future.  I have gained confidence and my belief in myself and my self esteem have gone from 1-10.  Barbara has helped me hugely in making some tough decisions, things I had been putting off or didn't want to come to terms with. I could write a few pages on how Barbara's coaching has helped me but all I want to say is my life has changed for the better and I am now a happy, confident person living the dream which 14 months ago I never thought possible. Barbara will take you out of your comfort zone and help you see things as they really are. She will challenge you to make decisions and act on those decisions using various techniques which are very powerful, she helps you believe anything is possible if you really want it enough but she also helps you stay grounded.  If learned that if we want change we have to strive and work towards it, nobody can do this for us, we have to put our plan into action, our time, effort and work to make it all happen.  I am so grateful to Barbara for her professionalism, understanding. and compassion, her coaching is very intuitive and she seemed to be able to read me like she had known me some years but was never judgemental or told me what to do. She has such insight but guides you through a process so you are always the person in control.  I would highly recommend Barbara, she is very unique in her approach. Thank you Barbara - you are one in ten zillion".   -  Melody - Dereham, Norfolk

"I have been seeing Barbara for regular coaching sessions.  I didn't realise how empowering coaching could be and I could not recommend Barbara and coaching enough. The sessions have revealed so many of my own doubts, insecurities and fears. With Barbara's very clever and careful questionning  I realised that having blamed everyone and everything I could for my own fears, insecurities and excuses etc, it was actually 'me' that was holding myself back.  At the time it was a hard pill to swallow and I was in denial, I had buried my head in the sand and kept myself so busy that I didn't have or permit myself time to face the truth. The coaching sessions have honestly changed my life, empowered me to take a stand and take control of my life, to face the demons and rather than dwell in the past and things I could not change, to focus on the things I could change and have some control over. I am so much happier now and my life is 'perfect' in every way, sounds a cliché I know, but it is really is the truth. I would highly recommend Barbara, she is a very open and honest person, she makes you feel safe and it is so easy to talk to her and to open up. She is very professional and puts you at ease, I just knew I could trust her from the very first time I spoke to her.  I still have a few more goals and things I want to achieve and continue the coaching sessions on a monthly basis and this is something I have requested, there was never any pressure from Barbara to continue. "  -  Amy S.

"I have been having coaching sessions with Barbara and I am so thrilled with the results, I was at a place in my life where I needed to make a number of changes and Barbara provided the quiet space for me to do this, she helped me in so many ways that I will be eternally grateful to her, for her professionalism, her extremely careful and experienced listening and guidance and her brilliant suggestions and ideas, which I needed when I was struggling trying to make sense of things and my thoughts and ideas."   - Tomas from nr Diss

“I had coaching sessions with Barbara and all I can say is it was life changing in the most positive and constructive way. She is a brilliant coach and really made me think, get my priorities in order and gave me direction which I was lacking. As a result of being coached I have turned my life around and life is now so good, I am so happy and content with my life and work. As a result of the coaching sessions I got myself a new job and career and I now live in Europe and have a job I just love. I continue to have ad hoc coaching session with Barbara via skype when I feel I need them. I highly recommend Barbara.” – Rebecca W, Europe

"I have been receiving coaching sessions with Bea for some months and I can't recommend her enough. My life was in such a mess as was I with the loss of my partner and I then lost my job, almost lost my house and completely lost interest in life and living.  It has been a struggle for me and I still have massive steps to take in moving forward it is slow progess but as Bea reminds me it is progress.  Bea has helped me more than anyone in getting my life back on track and finding a purpose to live again. She has been so understanding, supportive and so kind. She has a real talent for naturally tuning in to how I am feeling and she is such a good listener, she makes me feel heard.  She has been my lifeline and always on the other end of the phone when I have had a wobbly."  - Jennifer D. Norwich

"Having coaching sessions with Barbara has been unbelievably helpful. My job was made redundant and it hit me real bad, I have never been good at taking rejection and I almost had a break down. To cut a long story short I needed help in finding another job and I have ended up with a new career which I love. I now view the redundancy as a blessing as it has forced me into a new direction and with the money I received from my redundancy I was able to retrain for a new career. I now feel I have discovered my purpose in life and love my work. Barbara helped me work out what I needed to do to regain my confidence and focus on a plan that was realistic in moving me forward."

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