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While it has been a joy to open the studio for some of my yoga classes, events and for private appointments due to the current Covid situation I am continuing many of my classes online and in real time.  When it is permitted I will run as many sessions as I can in the studio but due to social distancing, I now have to limit spaces to 6.  I am adding additional classes to my timetable to ensure I can provide enough classes for my students.  However at present all classes, private, appointments, workshops etc are online until I can reopen the studio.

I have put on hold my new online 'Women's Wellness' Yoga Programme until it is safe for students to return to the studio and numbers are not limited.  This programme is aimed at helping and supporting women going through all stages of the menopause and those approaching (peri) menopause.  I am offering a new Yoga for Menopause 6 week yoga course starting January, 2021 (details below).

The monthly deep relaxation (Tune In & Chill Out) sessions continue online as the majority of my students prefer. The Saturday morning mini retreats will continue to run on a bi-monthly basis in person at the studio when I can reopen.  See details below for classes and events below. 

I will be introducing a new restorative yoga class in April for those wanting a more gentle therapeutic and restorative practice.

If you are interested in any of my offerings please sign up to my monthly newsletter or contact me directly.  Please note that all of the studio classes (due to social distancing and limited space) will now be block bookings only and must be prebooked and prepaid for 2 weeks before the block commences.  I am also accepting private appointments, groups and retreats in the studio.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you who have attended my online offerings, I congratulate you for continuing to support your own health and wellbeing through this transitional period and to thank you for supporting me and my business. As many of you know teaching yoga  for me is a labour of love and passion and being self employed despite it's benefits is hard work, at such a time it would have been easy to give up the studio (as many teachers have done) but I truly love my 'jobs' as a 'Yoga Teacher'and 'Life Coach' and I want to continue to grow my business and I am determined to weather the storm.  So, I am truly incredibly grateful and blessed for your support during this unprecedented time.  Stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing my wonderful Bhuti yoga community again very soon. 

Please note if you are visiting the studio for the first time since Covid began you will need to complete and return the 'Covid Terms and Conditions' document which can be found at the bottom of this page . Thank you.   Bea x 

weekly classes

Tuesday (evening)- Bhuti Flow & Restore Yoga Class (classes will be streamed live online until Further Notice)

9 March - Live Stream Online (new block of 4 weeks)

16 March - Live Stream Online

23 March - Live Stream Online

30 March - Live Stream Online

6 April (no class) 13 April - Live Stream Online 

13 April - Live Stream Online (New Block of 4 weeks)

20 April - Live Stream Online

27 April - Live Stream Online

4 May - Live Stream Online

To book classes please email  This is a slow vinyasa flow class followed by restorative postures towards the end of class.  The class focuses on yoga asanas (postures), pranayama pranayama (breathing practices), and deep relaxation and helps to bring balance to the body and overall health and wellbeing. This class will help you to increase your flexibility, mobility and strength improve your balance and posture. Meditation, guided imagery and relaxation will be incorporated to support your health and wellbeing. Basic, intermediate and more advanced variations of the asanas will be provided with a focus on efficient and effective breathing and safe alignment. Whether a novice or seasoned yogi/yogini you will leave this class feeling the balanced, recharged and relaxed. All of my classes focus on safety and alignment and I provide modifications ensuring you, the student are safe and feel included. As with all of my classes we work with different themes and the seasons. 

Time: 19:00-20:30
Price: Block booking (4 weeks) £32
Virtual Class/drop in: £9.00


NEW  Thursday (evening)- Yoga for Menopause (classes will now be live streamed online until Further Notice). The 6 week course Begins 18 Feb.

18 Feb -Live Stream Online (block of 6 weeks) 

25 Feb -Live Stream Online 

4 March -Live Stream Online

11 March -Live Stream Online

18 March -Live Stream Online

25 March -Live Stream Online

This class is suitable for those approaching menopause (peri) to those going through menopause and beyond. Each week focuses on a different symptom of menopause and guides you through various poses, tools and techniques for managing menopausal symptoms. Each class begins with a 'women's circle' which is where we discuss various symptoms and share our experiences in a confidential and safe environment. The circles are not recorded but the rest of the session is recorded for those signed up to the course (to use as and when they wish).  

Sessions will be a mix of different yoga styles but all classes will finish with restorative poses to calm the nervous system.  The sessions include yoga asanas (postures), pranayama pranayama (breathing practices), and helps to bring balance to the body and overall health and wellbeing but also help you increase your flexibility and strength improve your balance, mobility, posture and alignment. Meditation, guided imagery and relaxation will be incorporated to support deep relaxation and help you feel deeply relaxed. The course is suitable for those that have not previously practiced yoga.  Whether a novice or seasoned yogi/yogini you will leave this class feeling  balanced, both recharged and relaxed. All of my classes focus on safety and alignment and I provide modifications ensuring you, the student are safe and feel included and supported. To book please email  

Time: 19:00-20:30 (Virtual Class)
Price: Block booking (6 weeks) £50 (Non refundable)

Please note All of the face to face in the studio classes must now be pre-booked and paid for 2 weeks before the block begins due to social distancing which limits the number of spaces. Drop in options are available via live stream.

Monthly classes & events

The monthly (Friday) deep relaxation sessions gives you an opportunity to wind down and begin your weekend feeling rested and restored

16 April -Live Stream Online
21 May - Live Stream Online
25 June - Live Steam Online 


Time to stop 'doing' and let yourself be guided through a gentle deep relaxation session and begin your weekend by letting go of whatever it is that may be holding you back with a reflective gentle pranayama and restorative and yin yoga practice followed by yoga nidra  (yogic sleep, a deep conscious relaxation).  You do not have to have practiced yoga previously to benefit from this class. You will learn to relax your mind and body, improve your breathing and be guided through a yoga nidra to help you feel restored and enhance sleep.

The studio is fully equipped but as the class is via live stream you can practice from the comfort of your own home, you will need to have a few props and if you do not have them you can improvise, e.g one or two blankets and 2 bed pillows, 2 yoga bricks or large books, yoga strap or exercise band. eye pillows (optional).  Be prepared for a good night's sleep following the deep relaxation. Many people forget or don't know how to relax their nervous system, relaxing in a conscious way is very different from sleeping, watching TV, reading a book. Many people spend their lives rushing around and their bodies are in a state of 'fight or flight' mode much of the time, which can elevate the stress hormone 'cortisol'. In this session we aim to reduce high levels of cortisol and let the Parasympathetic Nervous system to do it's job of maintaining 'Homeostasis' and relaxing your body/nervous system.  To book classes please email

Time: 19:00-20:15

Price £9 

Payable in advance and non refundable. 

Suitable for all levels and no previous yoga practice necessary. Please ensure you are logged in and ready to begin the class at 19:00.

Yoga Weekend Mini Retreats

Mini Yoga Retreat  - Online live stream

Find some headspace and give yourself some 'me' time, self care and love. Luxuriate in a morning of seasonal yoga practice with a 3  hour practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation and deep nourishing relaxation. Hopefully we will be back in the studio for the next monthly session

Saturday, TBA

Time: 10.00-13:00

Price: £30

Payable in advance non refundable.  Sessions must be pre-booked and paid for in advance please due to limited spaces. Book via website or email

Women's Wellness Programme

Yoga to support you through all stages of menopause

The new programme begins in 2021, further information coming soon..... sign up to newsletter to be the first to hear or email to join the tribe. Or email to book a free 15 min discovery call.

Times: TBA

Price: £ TBA

Places: 12

Payable in advance non refundable. Spaces Limited. 

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