Life but not as we know it….

Life but not as we know it….

My goodness how life has changed for many of us., all of those plans we had that have been put on hold. My beautiful studio sits empty and longing for the return of my students just as I am.It’s strange how we react when change is forced upon us and this has certainly been a…

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Choosing a yoga mat

When you practice yoga, one of the most important things to consider is your yoga mat. You want to make sure the mat is the right one for your particular style of yoga and that it feels comfortable. Investing in a high-quality yoga mat is not only important for your yoga practice but can even…

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The Three Big C’s – Christmas, Cancer & Change

When you hear the ‘C’ word and it rocks your world

Turning my world upside down

Turning my world upside down

Turning my world upside down and letting go of fear

Dreams can come true….

Dreams can come true….

Keep dreaming and working towards your dream.

Children yoga

Yoga and children

On 17th July I volunteered my time to teach yoga (and share my Birthday) to the children of Lionwood Junior School, Norwich. It was a delight to the teach these beautiful, gregarious, enthusiastic and energetic 7-11 year olds. In the two hours I devoted I must have taught at least 150 children. Lionwood School is…

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