The benefits of mindfulness meditation

I have a regular meditation practice and I cannot stress the benefits of a regular (mindfulness) meditation practice. There is scientific evidence that shows how meditation affects our brain, our mood our thinking and thought patterns (all in a positive way). Meditation is often a forgotten practice even by those practicing yoga regularly.

There seems to be this misconception that meditation has to be carried out sitting alone in a quiet room, this is fine and often a great way to begin a meditation practice. Before we can practice meditation we have to learn to concentrate and I will be giving tools and techniques to use in my forthcoming blogs.

Meditation can be done for example, outside walking in a lovely green open space, which is wonderful. When being mindful you learn to truly appreciate and use your senses, see, hear, feel, touch, taste and listen to all around you, it’s not always about shutting out noise and having to have a quiet environment. Meditation can be done in a noisy place (although I find it does help to close your eyes).

My clients often tell me that ‘trying’ to shut out the thoughts and stop thinking is impossible (or I like to think of it as a challenge, it’s not impossible). The thing is as soon as we ‘try’ we become conscious of ‘trying’. It’s like many things in life we have to stop ‘trying’ and learn to to be open,to trust ourselves, our intuition and inner wisdom and to be patient. Yoga as with meditation is not about ‘achieving’ and it is definitely not a ‘quick fix’, yoga brings long term results and is a life practice. As with many things in life you have to persevere and not give up, do this and the rewards are immense.

If you are interested I will be providing links to the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice during my forthcoming posts.

Here is the first – how mindfulness meditation can help with diabetes.

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