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 "When you are kind to the body it will respond in an incredible way" ~ Vanda Scaravelli

In essence yoga is 'transformation'. 

I view my role of 'Health and Wellbeing Coach' and 'yoga teacher' as a facilitator "our bodies are our teachers, my role is simply to facilitate the learning process and offer tools and techniques for self management and wellbeing".

What is Yoga?  Yoga can mean different things to people. Fundamentally, yoga is in essence a journey of transformation, self-enquiry and integration of mind and body, an opportunity to explore that which is within and discover your true Self. Yoga can be Spiritual if you want it to be but this is not compulsive.

Yoga helps you focus your awareness on your body and mind. You are invited to sense and feel things, yoga is undoing as opposed to doing. So, when you make movements and assume positions, you will not be trying to make your body conform to an external shape or impose anything on the body. Instead, you explore your body from the inside, to find out where the tensions are. Gradually and patiently with time you will be able to release them.

Yoga can give you a sense of being grounded, balanced and centred. It can help you to relax and tackle life’s challenges  creatively. As tension is released, you will feel more energetic, uplifted, and alive. It can assist you in finding a sense of wellbeing and optimism, improving your self-esteem and bringing greater enjoyment of your body, as it becomes more supple, strong and fluid in its movements. You will learn to be present with your attention and feel both relaxed and revitalised.

The very act of listening to your body and breathing, of bringing body and mind together, is deeply relaxing and energising. While creating more space in the body, you also create space inside the mind. The normal, constant flow of thoughts is interrupted as you become totally focused inwardly. A few minutes of changing your attention level can give you a feeling of rest and renewal.

The yoga postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayama), exercises every part of the body (muscles, joints, spine, organs, glands and nerves). Practising yoga and meditation can help to release tension and liberate energy, revitalise and bring clarity, calmness and improved concentration of the mind.

Working with the fundamental elements, that are the heart of Yoga: gravity, breathing and movement, allows us to cultivate our ability to work from a deeper place within ourselves. The techniques that we learn from yoga allows us to manage the pressures in our lives, maintain balance and equlibrium.

Because we are all unique and have our own idiosyncrasies I offer an eclectic approach to yoga and adap my teaching to suit my students/groups.

The classes I teach are bespoke and can range from gentle relaxing restorative yoga to a more powerful and dynamic Vinyasa flow. Through regular practice,  and gently challenging the mind and body we can begin to make the changes we want to see. However, my key focus in my teaching is on 'safety' and 'alignment' and self awareness, working with the body in a mindful, safe and supported way .

For further information on classes,workshops and one-to-one tuition contact Barbara: Tel: 07788 581 662

See Schedule For Classes, Workshops, Retreats and Private Tuition 

Yoga can be used as a 'therapy' and is a wonderful management tool in healing and managing various mental, emotional and physical symptoms. For a deeper explanation see the link (below) to the attached document below.

One to one tuition - traditionally yoga was taught on a one to one basis. A one to one session provides the student with a bespoke programme to suit individual needs, encouraging you the student to discover a deeper self and fine tune your practice. When working with clients on a one to one basis I often use the Rosen Method which is an intuitive gentle method of touch and gentle Thai Massage.

I am happy to teach yoga at your place of work or home if you can provide a suitable room. For prices of private sessions and bespoke teaching please email or telephone Barbara. or Tel: 07788 581 662

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"And now the teaching on yoga begins"

"Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence"

"When the mind has settled, we are established in our essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness"

"The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali"