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'Your Health is Your Wealth'

"Yoga is a journey to the Self, through the Self"

"Fearlessly accept the reality; then fearlessly set about transforming what needs to change." — Elena Brower

Hi / Namaste - thank you for dropping by my website.

My approach to wellness is holistic. I truly believe that 'our health is our wealth'. We often take our health and wellbeing for granted and it isn't until something happens to us, (a friend or a loved one) and we suffer with some kind of health issue be it, physical, mental or emotional that we realise just how important a healthy lifestyle is.

I believe that 'yoga is for every body'.  My ethos and passion is to "teach an authentic approach to yoga, to make yoga inclusive and accessible to all ages and abilities, to encourage and empower you to take control and manage your own health and wellbeing. To help you understand how your body works and why from time to time it can malfunction. I can help you manage these 'malfunctions' and teach you how to use the wonderful 'tools' and 'techniques' that yoga and meditation offers to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing."

I am a qualified (BWYDip) yoga, relaxation and mindfulness meditation teacher and a BWY Foundation Course teacher.  A 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' accredited teacher and yoga therapist.  Yumuna Body Ball Roller, Health & Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Mentor, I regularly mentor newly qualified yoga teachers and as a Writer, I contribute to a number of Yoga, and Health and Wellbeing magazines one of which is 'Spectrum' the British Wheel of Yoga magazine. I am also a qualified Nordic Walking UK, Nordic Walking instructor.

Drawing upon my knowledge and many years of experience, self practice and teaching I can provide you (the client) with the tools and techniques to empower yourself in developing a deeper understanding and awareness of your body and its' idiosyncrasies. Yoga recognises that we are all different individuals and yoga isn't "a one size fits all".  Using coaching techniques I can help you on your journey, to make changes (should you wish to make them), reach your aspirations and achieve your goals. But remember you are always the one in control of your destiny, health and wellbeing. Whether you are wanting to return to yoga after a spell of absence or try yoga for the first time.

I offer a revolutionary approach to health, wellbeing, healing and fitness, I see 'you' as a 'unique individual' and as a yoga teacher I take a holistic view of; your health, your lifestyle, your occupation, eating habits and diet. I can help you manage your physical, mental, emotional, and musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.

In June 2017, I achieved a dream which was to open my own yoga studio. The Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio came to fruition.  I wanted to create a peaceful tranquil space away from the noise and pollution of the City.  After searching for almost 5 years I finally found the perfect location and venue. The Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio is situated in two acres of land. The studio is bright and spacious, has underfloor heating and a wood burning stove. Perfectly situated on the B1135 and a short distance from and with easy access to major roads, A11, A140 & A47 and 9 miles South from Norwich City. The studio has a calm atmosphere and energy, a place to leave your worries and stresses of daily lives, a place that will nourish and nurture you and you will leave feeling relaxed, energised and ready to face the challenges that life throws at you. 

I offer various levels and styles of yoga classes, mindfulness meditation, group tuition, workshops, retreats and one-to-one appointments offering you a confidential and bespoke programme to suit your specific needs. I also offer therapeutic, restorative and yin yoga where I work with clients with various conditions, these range from mental health, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, general back complaints, chronic fatigue, stress and burnout, menopause, cancer and remission from cancer, auto-immune problems, rehabilitation from injuries, sports injuries plus many more unique issues and health. I may also offer a gentle therapeutic hands on healing practice which some clients find particularly helpful. I also run Mindfulness Meditation and Health and Wellbeing programmes for large and small businesses and groups.

Having trained and studied with many outstanding teachers (to which I am extremely grateful and humble) and through my own experience of practicing yoga, meditation and teaching, I have developed my own unique style of 'yoga' and teaching. This comprises of a fusion of various styles of yoga e.g. the precision, discipline and alignment of Iyengar yoga to the energising heat of Ashtanga yoga to the flowing movement of Vinyasa Krama to the yin and yang of therapeutic, restorative and yin yoga. My own journey, practice and teaching continues to evolve - we never stop learning and growing and I am very grateful to my clients because they teach me so much. I honestly believe that we are, our own teachers and to quote,  "when we are kind to our body, it will respond in an incredible way." (Vanda Scaravelli)

In practising yoga we learn to connect mind and body we learn the benefits of having a rounded yoga practice this includes, pranayama (breathing) techniques, we learn to use our diaphragm and breath fully and we discover the wonderful benefits and techniques of mindfulness meditation. Contrary to many beliefs, in order to meditate we do not have to be alone or in a quiet place, mindful meditation can be done, for example, while moving, eating, sitting quietly, there are many techniques that you can learn which will assist with your personal experience and meditation practice.

For me, yoga is not just about the physical aspects, yoga goes so much deeper, yoga is a discipline, a way of life. I base my teachings on the origins of yoga, the philsophical texts that underpin the true purpose of yoga. These texts can teach us so much and serve as a guide or checklist on how to live our lives, to develop compassion and gratitude, to live in the present and to appreciate all that we have. Yoga is also about having fun, (yes I did say 'fun'), in yoga we learn to connect with our inner child, to be playful in our postures (asanas) and to trust our inner voice, wisdom and intuition and to be guided by this intuition and take what we learn on our mats into our daily lives. I believe yoga is for every body and if you can't get down onto the mat you can still practice yoga sitting on a chair.

As a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Mentor and qualified NLP practitioner, and Nordic walking instructor, I also offer, life, career, health and business coaching and mentoring. I have a passion for writing and contribute to various Yoga and Health and Wellbeing magazines.

My teaching is suitable for all levels and abilities, from beginners to advanced.

You will always receive a very warm welcome from us at The Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio.

Namaste - "Namaste" – translated means ‘recognition of another as a reflection of the same divine light.’ The Namaste gesture (palms together in front of the heart, prayer-like) brings together the left and right sides of the body, mind, and breath, and connects inner and outer to express a universally recognisable attitude of spiritual respect, appreciation, and peacefulness.

 "Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." - Greg Anderson 

"It is better to travel well than to arrive. - Buddha
"Be the change you want to see." - Mahatma Gandhi

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”  Jesse Owen

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” - Theodore Roosevelt

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” - Buddha

"Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose. Do not look at your body like a stranger, but adopt a friendly approach towards it. Watch it, listen to it, observe its needs, its requests, and even have fun". Vanda Scaravelli

 "Meditation is the ultimate music. It is music which is not created by any instrument, it is the music that arises in your silence. It is the sound of silence. It is the harmony that is heard when all noise has disappeared. When the mind with its thousands of voices is gone and your inner space is utterly empty, silent, and still." OSHO

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