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Private one to one appointments and bespoke classes offered at my studio or your home.

For classes and mini retreats please see list below.

A quick view of class schedule will be available soon.  

Private appointments

I teach many of my clients in the traditional method of one to one private yoga. Private sessions can offered in the comfort of your home or at my studio in Tharston (NR15 2YL).  I offer small private classes too, should you and your friends, colleagues or partner wish to develop a regular yoga, meditation and mindful practice. I also offer mini yoga retreats at my studio or at your venue.  Appointments are available at various times, please telephone to book.

Class Timetable & Class Descriptions

All of my classes vary from week to week, I work with the seasons and have a different theme for each month. I aim to offer flexible options for payment so that I can accommodate all, you can pay per class or block book. Concessions available, do please ask.

Most of the classes at The Bhuti Yoga Studio will commence first week Sept however there will be a few pop up classes and workshops over the summer months so do please check the classes below, dates and times or email for info.

Regular Weekly & MonthlyClasses Offered 


Private appointments and private classes


Good Morning World - Hatha Yoga Class - 10:15-11:30

 at the Bhuti Yoga ReTreat Stduio,  Tharston, Norfolk (NR15

Block booking of 4 weeks. Price: £30. Drop in option £8.50 per class - please tel in advance to book.  No Classes in the  month of August. Classes resume as of 4 Sept.

Please note block bookings are non refundable but if you miss a class within the block you have paid for you are welcome to attend another day or evening class within the 4 week block you have paid for.

The class is a Hatha yoga practice followed by yin and restorative postures. A number of yoga props are used to enable the postures to be very supportive and comfortable allowing you to truly let go and deepen the postures.  The class includes, postures, guided pranayama practice, meditation and relaxation.

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic practice, suitable for all, many people that live a very fast paced stress filled lifestyle finds this style of yoga very calming, healing and strengthening. Yin like postures focus on the yin parts of the body such as the bones, connective tissue, ligaments, internal organs and the meridians. The simple postures are performed mostly lying or sitting down. These postures allow your muscles to relax completely. You stay in the postures for up to 5 minutes, this makes the practice very meditative and mindful. In these postures you do not stretch as such, you become very conscious of your breath and what you are feeling. There is no end goal or challenge to reach the perfect pose. Just as in relaxation the ANS (autonomic nervous system can relax) allowing your body to be present with what is, thus working deeper and passively. Yin and restorative yoga is an excellent complement to other more ‘Yang’ physical activities and other more dynamic yoga styles of yoga practice.

Never under estimate the power of a slow yin/therapeutic practice. This class offers the opportunity to unwind and truly 'let go' to pause in stillness, to contemplate and cultivate patience and reflect while feeling completely supported. During the practice we tap into our potential while feeling and observing present sensations and thoughts without judgement. We use our breath to connect to our the deeper layers of our being and to deepen and melt into the postures, we may stay in the postures for 5 minutes to enable our physical body and mind to further let go of habitual patterning.

Beautiful light open studio with under floor heating and wood burner ensuring you feel cosy in the winter months. Free Parking is available at the venue.

BhutiFlow & Restore  

Tuesday 7.00pm-8.30pm, 

Weekly Class

Block booking class (4 weeks £32) or £9 per class at the Bhuti Yoga Studio. Please note block bookings are non refundable but if you miss a class within the block you have paid for you are welcome to attend another class with the 4 weeks if there is a space. 

Hatha All Levels - focuses on yoga asanas (postures), pranayama pranayama (breathing practices), and helps to bring balance to the body and overall health and wellbeing. This class will help you to increase your flexibility and strength improve your balance and posture. Meditation, guided imagery and relaxation will be incorporated to support deep relaxation and help you feel deeply relaxed. Basic, intermediate and more advanced variations of the asanas will be provided with a focus on proper breathing and safe alignment. Whether a novice or seasoned yogi/yogini you will leave this class feeling the inherent balance, both recharged and relaxed. All of my classes focus on safety and alignment and I provide modifications ensuring you, the student are safe and feel included. This class is suitable for beginners. If you are taking the class as a drop in please contact Barbara in advance to check there is a space.  Those who block book will be guaranteed a space.


Private appointments available for yoga, life or business coaching.


Private appointments available for yoga, life or business coaching.


Monthly Candlelight Tune in and Chillout Time- gentle yin/restorative yoga practice followed by Yoga Nidra- Deep relaxation & Meditation, (Friday evenings).   Dates,  9 Nov, 7 Dec and an extra evening added for 23 Nov, back by popular demand - crystal bowl sound healing meditation and relaxation.

Please note the crystal sound healing evening is £15 all other yoga relaxation sessions are £9. 

Book early as these monthly events are oversubscribed.

7.00pm-8.30pm, £9, payment must be made in advance when booking (payment is non-refundable unless 3 working days notice is given by email). At The Bhuti Yoga Retreat, Tharston, Norwich, NR15 2YL.

You will be lead through a series of gentle restorative postures, breathing practice and meditation followed by a long yoga nidra.  You do not have to have practiced yoga to benefit from this class. You will learn to relax your mind and body, improve your breathing and techniques to help you sleep. Yoga mats and all equipment are provided but please bring along a blanket and pillow, eye pillows provided should you wish to use. Be prepared for a good night's sleep following the deep relaxation. Many people forget or don't know how to relax, relaxing in a conscious way is very different from sleeping, watching TV, reading a book or whatever else you choose to do for relaxation. Many people spend their lives rushing around and often their bodies are in a state of 'fight or flight' which means the hormone 'cortisol' can be way too high, In this session we aim to bring down those levels and let the Parasympathetic Nervous system to do it's job of maintaining 'Homeostasis' and relaxing your body/nervous system. People always report on having "the best nights sleep" following this session.


Monthly Yoga sessions - each month I am offering a different themed session. If you would like to deepen your practice, experience and knowledge of yoga this may be the class for you. Each month we will explore a different theme,  including a specific asana practice, pranayama and meditation practice.  A good all round balanced yoga class with time and opportunity to explore many aspects of 'Yoga'

10.00-12.30pm at The Bhuti Retreat - Class includes, asana, pranayama, meditation practices, and relaxation. Booking  and payment in advance required.  Cost: Mostly £22 But varies depending on date please see below (includes refreshments following the class). Free car parking onsite.  Some mini retreats may be longer than 10:00-12:30. For further info and descriptions please email or see the events on my facebook page.

 27 Oct - Theme – Yoga and Writing, 10:00 - 1.30pm (£25)

 17 Nov - Theme – Let Your Inner Light Shine Brightly - 10:00-13:00 (£24)

 1 Dec -  Theme- Give Yourself Some TLC  (Yoga and Aromatherapy)  and shared lunch. 10:00 - 14:00 (£25) 

This includes a small roller ball of doterra oil to pop in your bag and take away with you. Please bring a small contribution to a shared lunch (vegan and veggie food only please).

No need to bring mats or props as the studio is fully equipped. Come along and experience a day of nourishing and nurturing that will leave you feeling energised and relaxed. The retreat is followed by refreshments cake and discussion.

Book early as these events are very popular.

For monthly events you can find a more detailed description on my facebook page where I advertise all of my events.

Private one to one sessions are available Mon-Saturday, please contact Barbara to book. 

Private sessions can offered in the comfort of your home or at  The Bhuti Yoga Retreat, Tharston, Norwich, NR15 2YL.  I offer small private classes too, should you and your friends, colleagues or partner wish to develop a regular yoga, meditation and mindful practice. Booking and payment for private sessions must be booked and paid for in advance of your booking please.

Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation - an introductory Course commences April 2018 (daytime class).  The course will be held at The Bhuti Yoga Retreat, Tharston, Norfolk (NR15 2YL). Cost £42 for a 4 week course.   Please book in advance. For further info see document at bottom of page. Bookings are now being taken, please email for booking form. Please note payment must be received 14 days before start of the course. Concessions available please ask. Please register your interest.

Acrobatic Yoga Jam

Currently not running due to a busy schedule.

Acrobatic Yoga and Thai Massage Workshops starting April. Acro yoga jams - meet monthly (Friday eve) at The Bhuti Yoga Retreat, Tharston, Norwich, NR15 2YL.Acroyoga jams, these sessions are ad hoc and aimed at beginners. Classes are held at The Bhuti Yoga Studio, Tharston, Norfolk, NR15 2YL.  Sessions are two hours,  7-9.00pm.  Price per session. £14.   Please message me if interested in joining us. The session is suitable for beginners. You will work with partners learning some of the basic acroyoga postures. Please bring along a mat and a blanket and your sense of humour. Be prepared to have fun, lots of laughter, face your fear of flying and a few gentle tumbles.

Yoga - The Practice, Patanjali's Sutras

'Sthira sukham asanam'
“Asana (posture) should be stable (Sthira) and comfortable (Sukha), (Patanjali’s yoga Sutras 2:46, BKS Iyengar).  My approach to yoga is open minded and therefore my teaching is eclectic and diverse and does not focus solely on one style. My aim is to offer yoga that is accessible to ‘all’ and create a safe and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore and find their 'edge' .

Classes vary according to the level and ability of students. The aims of my teaching is to, develop mindfulness and cultivate Sthira and Sukham on and off of our yoga mats and into our daily lives. Utilising breath, body and movement we create a moving meditation of flowing postures, cultivating self-awareness, self-enquiry, discipline and grace with a sense of ease and playfulness.

Students are guided through a safe asana practice concentrating on precision alignment, dynamic and vinyasa flow postures, restorative postures, mindfulness meditation, pranayama, nidra and philosophy. I believe that we need strength, flexibility and core strength,therefore the many of the classes focus on these aspects. The 'restorative/yin and 'hatha' classes are less challenging and suitable for those wanting a softer and more gentle practice.

The Bhuti Yoga ReTreat Studio

'The Bhuti Yoga ReTreat' studio is situated 9 miles South of Norwich City centre (Tharston, NR15 2YL). A beautiful large space in a secluded and country setting, the studio is bright,  and airy and has underfloor heating and a woodburner for the cosy yoga nidra evenings. Set in two acres of countryside you will leave feeling nourished and nurtured.

भूति "Bhuti" is Sanskrit, and translated means "Wellbeing". The Bhuti Retreat's mission is to support you with your health and wellbeing and to provide a nurturing and nourishing environment conducive to helping you grow and heal.

Please see the currenttimetable (opposite). As I have a dedicated space,  I am now able to offer many more events e.g. additional classes, workshops, intensives, day and weekend retreats and further one to one appointments. I will also be adding nutrition and healthy eating workshops to the schedule.

Celebrations - Mini Yoga Retreats 

After delivering a number of bespoke ‘mini yoga retreats’ I am continuing to offer these as part of my schedule so if you have a party or celebration of some sort and you have a group of friends or you are a couple or group wanting timeout for yourselves I can offer you a mini yoga retreat either at a your own location or at my studio in Tharston, Norfolk.  The minimum session is two hours or you could choose a half or full day.   I will bring equipment but you will need to provide a clean and  quiet space that is large enough to accommodate the number of people participating. Prices below for my studio but if I visit you the price does increase depending on the location. For approximate prices see below.  Prices are based on 2-12 people (Maximum 12).

What is not included?

Lunch is not included in the mini retreats this needs to be booked independently by yourselves. I can advise you on catering. I prefer that those participating do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before or during the session please.  

What is included?

You will get a fabulous bespoke session perfectly created to suit your needs and this will vary depending on your requirements. I will bring yoga mats and yoga props.  If a full day session is booked the times stated include the lunch break (time out for lunch will be up to you) I recommend one hour.

As with all my sessions I like to discuss with my clients your needs and requirements to ensure the session is completely bespoke, this is usually done by telephone at a convenient time for both of us.


£60 per hour at the Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio. Minimum 2 hours booking required.

£170 - Half day at the Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio. 10:00-13:00

£350 – Full day at the Bhuti Yoga Retreat Studio. 10:00-16:00

Mini retreats are available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please book early to ensure your booking. On booking you will be required to pay half of the fee and the remainder must be paid 7 working days before the event. The Policy on refunds will be sent to you to be signed once the event has been booked.

If I visit you at your location there will be additional expenses.  I am happy to travel within a 50 mile radius of Norwich. For enquiries and quotes please contact Barbara 07788581662 or email

I will be launching a new website very soon and adding an option to book and pay online.  I will also be offering an accredited Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Support package for student and qualified yoga teachers/instructors.

To be kept informed of various events please do sign up to monthly bulletins/yoganorfolk newsletter.

For further information please feel free to contact me directly, I am very approachable and always happy to discuss your needs/goals :)

Acro yoga  this isn't a class but a general get together (jam) with yogis in the acro community - interested please email.

Yoga for Healthy Lower backs

As we are all unique I only teach the 'yoga for lower backs' on a 1-1 basis.

You will learn techniques, including therapeutic  postures, relaxation, breathing and mindfulness techniques to help you manage lower back pain. No previous experience of yoga is necessary. Contact or Tel: 07788 581 662 for an appointment and further details.

Yoga for Runners, Athletes and Sport Enthusiasts

These workshops are run three times a year, however if you or the club you belong to would like a bespoke workshop please email to arrange.

Yoga can be a great compliment to other activities. This workshop is aimed at runners and anyone who feels they want to incorporate some form of stretching into their fitness regime. You will learn how to safely stretch using yoga postures and other techniques that yoga offers to help manage and prevent injury, release muscular tension (release fascia) and build strength, flexibility and stretch major muscle groups. The workshop will be practical and explorative.

You learn how to use yoga postures that will help you manage lower back pain, sciatica, tight hamstrings, piriformis syndrome, keep the psoas muscles supple and generally release fascia.

Short video on why it is important to stretch...

For my regular weekly students I offer a discount on some of my workshops - please ask for details.

Many more weekend workshops coming soon......and  weekend yoga retreats.

I teach a number of private classes in and around Norfolk, for details please contact me.

I offer,

  • One–to–one private appointments
  • Therapeutic & restorative yoga therapy
  • Small and large groups
  • Health and Wellbeing Coaching
  • Corporate classes/presentations
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Workshops
  • Chair yoga
  • Retreats/holidays
  • Yoga for health
  • Yoga for cancer and other health conditions
  • Yoga for stress related issues
  • Yoga for athletes and Sports men/women
  • Yoga for chronic pain
  • Mindfulness Leadership
  • Mindfulness Meditation

I am happy to teach yoga at your place of work or home if you can provide a suitable room. Contact Barbara for a bespoke programme. or Tel: 07788 581 662One to one tuition - traditionally yoga was taught on a one to one basis. A one to one session provides the student with a bespoke programme to suit individual needs, encouraging you the student to discover a deeper self and fine tune your practice.

For an introduction to Nordic Walking, email,telephone or see website for details.