Many people will at some point during their lifetime suffer with some form of back discomfort. Learning to manage and prevent pain. I run a very specific 'yoga for lower backs' (YfLBs) course which is a 12 week programme. This is an evidence based programme and aimed at anyone who wants to learn to look after their backs and for those wanting to prevent back pain (all of us). You do not have to have any experience of yoga for this programme. The course consists of gentle yoga postures and relaxation, you will be expected to practice a few of the postures at home and you will be given handouts to support you. Many people have already completed the course and have notice huge improvements even after the first few sessions. The next course commences in Sept 2013. If you would like to read more about the research see and read my article in Issuu Radiant magazine I will be contributing to Issuu magazine on a regular basis.